Romantic Relationships

Ruth Slide
Scripture Reference: Ruth 3

In the final message from the Book of Ruth, Pastor Ryan focused on essential principles to guide romantic relationships. These qualities can be applied to other relationships as well. Take some time to discuss the message and apply it to your family or your current life stage.

In relationships, it is important to look beyond surface things like appearance and instead look deeper at a person’s character.

If you are married:
Reflect on how you met your spouse and take a moment to share that story with your kids. Talk about what attracted you to your spouse. Share about some of the godly characteristics you see in your spouse.

Ask family members to affirm one another by sharing godly characteristics they see in one other.

If you are single:
What are some qualities (beyond the surface) you are looking for in the person you might want to marry?

Pastor Ryan pointed out that we are to seek the best for others. He reminded us that the best picture of love is demonstrated by actions.

What are some actions that you see practiced by your spouse or family members that demonstrate love?

What is one thing you can do this week to seek the best for others?

Remember: True fulfillment will only come through our relationship with Jesus. Take time to pray and thank God for sending Jesus to be our Kinsman Redeemer. Give thanks that Jesus was qualified, capable, and willing to be our redeemer.

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