The Lord’s Prayer

Prayers Sermon SeriesScripture Passage: Matthew 6:5-9

In Matthew 6:5-9, Jesus teaches us to pray according to our relationship with our Father in heaven.

Some key points and questions to consider for yourself and for your family:

1. As God’s children we can experience an intimate relationship with Him through prayer.

How often do you pray expecting to connect intimately with your Heavenly Father?

What beliefs about God or prayer do you have that may be keeping you from connecting intimately with Him through prayer?

Ask God to remove any beliefs about Him or about prayer that are separating you from intimacy with Him.

2. As God’s children we can expect that He hears us and answers our prayers.

How often do you approach prayer with the belief that your Heavenly Father hears you and answers your prayers?

Ask God to increase your faith that He hears and answers your prayers.

3. As God’s children we need to recognize His authority in our lives.

How is acknowledging God’s power and greatness in prayer helpful to us?

Pray until you pray!  Be honest with God about your thoughts and feelings regarding prayer, and invite Him to do a powerful work in your life over the next few weeks as we study prayer. Expect Him to answer your prayers!

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