Your Kingdom Come

Prayers Sermon SeriesScripture Passage: Matthew 6:10

In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus teaches us how to pray. We know this as the ‘model prayer’ or ‘The Lord’s Prayer.’ Have you ever wondered if your prayers have any real impact? Do you ever feel like God is missing when you pray? No doubt, we have all felt this way at times.

The phrase Pastor Ryan focused on in his message was: “Your Kingdom Come.” What does this mean? 

The Kingdom of God is the rule of God as well as the domain of God.

Reflect on or discuss the following questions:

1. Have you invited God to have rule and reign over your life?
In other words, do you allow Him to be in control of your life? What are some practical ways we can do this?

Note: If you have young children, explain this in terms they can understand — like, we allow Jesus to be Lord or boss over us.

2. Remember, God will not force Himself or his reign over us.
What are some areas you need to surrender to Him? Take a moment to pray and invite God to extend his domain in your life and in your family’s life.

Apply this truth to your schedule. Are you too busy to attend church or to spend time in God’s Word and prayer?

Apply this truth to what you allow into your life. Are the TV shows, movies you see or music you listen to good for you? Do they reflect a life yielded to God’s reign?

3. When you pray “Your Kingdom Come” it should alter your mindset, your course and your priorities.
Reflect on or discuss how allowing God to have rule and reign in your life will impact these three areas of your life.

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