Overcoming Prayer

Prayers Sermon SeriesScripture Passage: Matthew 6:9-13

Pastor Ryan referred to James 1:13-15 and explained how God does not tempt us. Even though God does not tempt us, He does allow us to be tested. God allows these tests in our lives so we will run to Him!

Secrets to overcoming the challenges of life:

1. Expect trials to come. 1 Peter 4:12 explains how Christians are not to be surprised when these trials come.

2. Identify the enemy. 1 John 2:16 remind us that the devil is not very creative. He is using the same three traps he has used from the very beginning.

a. Lust of the Flesh — the temptation to feel good
b. Lust of the Eyes — the temptation to want more
c. Pride of Life — the temptation to be more important

3. Remember who you’re praying to — the Father. We are His adopted children. 1 Chronicles 29:11 reminds us that the end of our prayer should be with a focus on Jesus.

Discussion Questions

• Where is your focus?

• How are you preparing for the trails that are to come?

• What are the two things Pastor Ryan talked about that we can do to defeat the enemy? (Ans: Read the Word of God and Pray)

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