The Confidence of Christmas

Finding Joy SeriesScripture Passage:  Hebrews 1

This weekend we learned about the Confidence of Christmas as Pastor Ryan led us through a study of Hebrews 1. While this may not be a typical Christmas Scripture passage, it gives us a powerful description of the tiny infant whose birth we will celebrate in just a few days. Fully God and fully man, Jesus is the “radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of His being” (Hebrews 1:3).

Pastor Ryan gave us three statements that point to Jesus’ greatness:

1. Because Jesus is greater than prophets, we don’t have to be confused.
2. Because Jesus is greater than angels, we don’t have to be afraid.
3. Because Jesus is greater than the created order, we don’t have to be pessimistic.

Questions to guide your discussion:

• Why is it important that Jesus is greater than the prophets we read about in the Bible?  What are some characteristics that set Him apart from prophets?

• Read Hebrews 1:14.  How does knowing that the angels are working under the orders of Jesus give you confidence?

• In what ways have you been counting on creation?  How can you begin counting on the Creator in those situations?  Read Hebrews 13:8 for some extra encouragement.

Today, focus your prayer time on telling Jesus how powerful He is. Thank Him for the ways He has shown His power in your life and pray over the situations in which you need to see His power move.

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