The Promise of a New Year

Happy New Year 2016Scripture Passage: Deuteronomy 6:4-9

Happy New Year!

This weekend Pastor Ryan spoke about creating new “healthy” habits in the upcoming year. A habit is an integrated practice that becomes a part of our life. Bad habits happen all on their own. Healthy habits — the kind that help you experience true fulfillment in Jesus Christ — require some effort.

Why should we pursue healthy habits?

1. Healthy Habits offer obedience without drudgery.

When we allow holiness to become a checklist, we run the danger of forgetting the reason behind our actions. Deuteronomy 6:12 cautions us to not forget the Lord. Spending time with the Lord should be part of who we are rather than what we do.

2. Healthy Habits begin with a conscious decision.

We must walk in our conviction. In verse 6, the word “heart” in Hebrew refers to both heart and mind. We should allow God access to our emotions and our thoughts.

3. Healthy Habits extend to every area of our lives.

Verse 8 speaks of binding God’s laws on our hands and heads. The real intention is that everything we think or do should come from God. We should be the same person whether alone, at home, at church, or out in the world.

Pastor Ryan challenged us to be intentional with our habits in 2016. As a church we’ll focus on one healthy habit each month this year. The first will be habits of the heart – rest, know and pray.

Discussion questions:

• How are you intentional about spending time resting in the Lord?

• Talk about how you can pray for each other. How can you devote more time to prayer to each day?

• Where in your home is a good place for you to spend time alone with God?

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