Abraham | Worship Through Giving

Rest Sermon SeriesScripture Passage: Genesis 14:17-20

This weekend we continued our focus on the habit of rest. Pastor Ryan reminded us that we can rest as we trust God with everything we have, including money. Money is a measure of the heart—we give back to God out of our love for Him. Genesis 14 gives us a look into the giving spirit of Abraham , which offers three characteristics of giving:

1. Giving is natural: Abraham gave before the law was given, because it is natural to give to the ones we love.

2. Giving is sacrificial: Abraham made the commitment to give a tenth of all he had, it was a planned sacrifice.

3. Giving is the best indicator of the One I worship: By giving to God, Abraham expressed dependence on the True Provider.

Questions and prayer points to guide your reflection:

• In what ways has God shown generosity towards you? Thank Him for His good and perfect gifts.

• What is the most difficult part of giving for you? Ask Him to give you grace to be obedient to His command to give and the strength to overcome that barrier.

• How is God asking you to respond to this message? Pray that you would be quick to follow Him in His leading.

As you go throughout the week, remember that you can trust God with everything you have.

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