Caring for Katy 2016

Caring4Katy-LogoToday, we closed the doors to the church. Instead of coming to church our members scattered throughout the community to be the church — to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Our annual Caring for Katy day is all about demonstrating the love of God to others in our community. More than just telling others that God loves them, today we demonstrated God’s love in ways that are measurable, meaningful, and memorable.

Discuss the particular service initiative that you participated in as a family.

Ask each member of your family to talk about what they liked most about serving others today. Be sure to affirm the contribution made by each member of your family. Talk about the value of both sharing and showing God’s love to others.

Read the parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37.

Recognizing need is not always as easy as it sounds. Too often we are so busy going from Point A to Point B that we fail to see the need that is all around us. Sometimes seeing needs is as easy as looking to the left and to the right to consider the things happening in our peripheral vision. By doing this we can develop peripheral compassion. Notice that the Samaritan in the parable “felt compassion” (Luke 10:33) when he saw the man who had been beaten and left for dead. Seeing precedes compassion.

Determine to look to the left and to the right as you go about your week and ask God to help you see needs that you have previously overlooked. Talk about what you see and how God might use you and your family to be like the good Samaritan by helping to meet those needs.

Pray for those you served today.

Ask God to assure the people you served that they are loved and valued by God. Determine to continue looking for opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus wherever you go.

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