The Triumphal Entry

Triumphal EntryScripture Passage: Matthew 21:1-11

As we prepare for Easter, Dr. Steven Jones preached about the Triumphal Entry. He asked some profound questions about the people on Palm Sunday.

1. What did He say?
Jesus claimed to be the Messiah that God had promised.

2. What did they hear?
They heard clearly, but misunderstood.

a. Jesus was “revolutionary.” Second Kings 9:13 tells of a time King Jehu was crowned and overthrew another king. The people were declaring Jesus as their earthly king.

b. Jesus was a “Righteous Judge.” The palm branches were a symbol of Judas Maccabeus leading a revolt to purify the temple. The people wanted Jesus to judge their oppressors.

c. The people wanted Jesus to be the “Restorer.” They were singing Royal Hymns and shouting Hosanna (God save now).

3. What went wrong?
The people were disappointed because they expected something different than what God was offering.

4. What can we learn?

a. Submit to God’s position. God is God whether we believe or not.

b. Surrender to God’s plan. God wants so much more for us than we can imagine

c. Be satisfied with God’s provision. The people were given salvation but they only wanted the Romans to be crushed. God knows what we need.

Discussion Questions:

1. Have you ever been disappointed with God?

2. Since God already knows what we need, why do we pray?

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