The Training Table

Restore-The-TableScripture Passage: Ephesians 4:20-22

Scripture tells us in 1Timonthy 4:7-8 to be active in spiritual training. Spiritual training is essential for us to grow closer to God and the table is an awesome place to train.

How to Train

There is a pattern and steps to spiritual training:

Step 1 Look to the person of Christ (vs.20)

Discuss the attributes of God while sharing meals this week with your friends and family. For example, talk about the faithfulness of God in your life or how God’s forgiveness has changed your life.

Step 2 Look to the promises of God (vs.21)

Continue your conversation at the table by encouraging one another in God’s promises. For example, what does God’s Word tell us about how to view a challenge we are currently facing in our own lives.

Step 3 Look for the practice of obedience (vs.23)

After talking about the attributes of God and the promises of God discuss how to follow God by practicing obedience. Look to scripture to find direction and ask the Holy Sprit to help you be obedient.

The Sequence of the Steps

● Always start with the person of Christ

 The key to effective spiritual training is the order in which we train. If we start with seeking knowledge and trying to practice obedience before receiving the grace and love of Christ then our training becomes religious and prideful. Starting with trying to know more or trying to obey God pulls us away from God. Receiving God’s love and grace grows us closer to God and makes us spiritually stronger.

What adjustments do you need to make in spiritual training? Does your training begin with looking to Christ or does your training start with seeking knowledge and practicing obedience?

Talk about this question around the table with your friends/family this week. Allow God to use this question to restore the table!

The Goal of the Training 

Our goal of spiritual training is to become passionate in our love for Christ.

As we look to Christ for true fulfillment, seek to know the promises of God in His Word and practice following Him we grow spirit stronger and look more like Christ (Ephesians 5:1-2).

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