The Open Table

Restore-The-TableScripture Passage: Exodus 12: 1-4

Randy Phillips, our guest speaker, focused on seeing our life and ministry as an “open table” to those around us. God is calling us into ministry with Him and through the understanding of the power of the cross as believers, our focus turns outwards to invite those around us into His grace and love.

Exodus 12:4 says, “If a family is too small to eat a whole animal, let them share with another family in the neighborhood.” Through this scripture and also looking at the parable of the Good Samaritan, we learned to look forward with ‘harvest eyes’ and be compassionate and loving to those around us. The phrase “too much lamb for my house” prompts us to question what we are doing in order to reach other people for the gospel at our tables in our homes. When we start to see our neighbor as Jesus does, it radically changes the way we live and love.

Through 2 Corinthians 4:4, Randy spoke on how unbelievers have blinded eyes and therefore are not able to see the light of the gospel. Everyone around us that does not know the Lord is in one of these four categories of lostness:

1. “I’m lost and I don’t know it.”
These are people who may be prospering, highly educated, affluent and can also be the biggest challenge of those to reach.

2. “I feel a bit disoriented- I feel uneasy.”

3. “I believe there is something else for me – I don’t know what.”
These are people who are completely open to the concept of needing something bigger than them.

4. “I am screaming, ‘HELP ME!'”
Easiest people to tell about Jesus because they are looking for answers.

Discussion Questions:

● What actions can you take to have an open table in your home? Who can you invite to dine at your table?

● Discuss what it means to have harvest eyes? Do you have harvest eyes?

● What does it mean to have “too much lamb for my house”?

● Think of people you may know that fit into one of the four categories of lostness and talk about ways that you can reach them for the kingdom.

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