Scripture Passage: 1 Corinthians 7

Pastor Ryan spoke on a topic that affects all of our lives to some extent — divorce. There are three kinds of relationships: consumer, contract and covenant. Marriage vows say “until death do us part,” making it a covenant relationship. The Apostle Paul had a lot to say about marriage and divorce. Three main points about divorce are:

1. Divorce is not good. The best marriages are not built on happiness, but holiness. Divorce is painful for everyone involved, no matter how justified or amicable it is.

2. Divorce is not forbidden. The Bible clearly lays out circumstances in which divorce is permitted. Divorce is separating what has become one and is therefore, like an amputation. It is clearly only for severe circumstances. Divorce is never commanded. Just because there is a provision for divorce doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

3. Divorce is not the end. Verse 11 reminds us that the blood of Christ covers all our sins. Divorce is not taken lightly, but it certainly is forgivable.

In Jeremiah 3:8, God describes himself as divorcing Israel for being an adulterous nation. He understands the pain of divorce.


● If you’re in a tough marriage, hang on. Don’t try to make it alone. Let others help you. Counseling, Christian Friends, Community Groups. Don’t quit.

● If you’re in the midst of divorce, pray for reconciliation. Is there any way to allow God to work a miracle? Ask for help.

● If you’ve been divorced, your life is NOT over. God has an exciting plan for your life. Let Him know you trust Him with the days ahead.


● Talk about ways divorce hurts those involved.

● Talk about ways you can help someone in a family that is struggling through divorce.

● Pray for the marriages around you.

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