Middle East Questions

Middle East MapScripture Passage: Ezekiel 37−38

Pastor Ryan asked people to send him questions about the Middle East and Prophecy and he answered some in the sermon today. He also referenced two past sermons that you can watch on the Kingsland website: “Signs of the Times” and “ISIS.”

Since 1/3 of scripture is prophecy, we should know what it says. Past prophecies fulfilled give us confidence is future prophecy.

Two conclusions that Biblical prophecy calls for:
1. This world is on a deadline.
2. God is in control.

Today we focused on Ezekiel 37-38 for the answers to these questions.

1. Is the creation of the state of Israel spoken about in prophecy? Yes, Ezekiel spoke of it in chapter 37 when he wrote about the Valley of Dry Bones. Israel was destroyed in 70AD and became a nation again in May of 1948.

2. Should Christians support Israel even when their actions aren’t Christ-like? The short answer is yes.  Genesis 12:3 tells us that those who support Israel will be blessed and those that oppose Israel will be cursed. Many nations seek to destroy Israel. Ezekiel 37:8-11 tells us that Israel has been reborn, but has no breath in it. They have not yet had a revival.

3. How do current events relate to End Times Prophecy? Ezekiel 38:1-6 tell us about a massive army coming against Israel made of many nations coming together. The current day nations mentioned are Russia, Turkey, Iran, Northern Sudan and Libya. These countries could certainly join together against Israel over natural gas in the country.

4. Are Christians supposed to be doormats and let Muslims do as they wish in fear of offending someone? We can operate out of fear or faith. Could God be bringing so many Muslims from around the world to the United States for the freedom to hear about Jesus and then take the Good News back to their homelands?

Kingsland is offering a class this fall about how Christ-followers can share their faith with Muslims. Watch for information about “Bridges” as in our fall lineup of Wednesday evening classes.

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