Enjoying Your Freedom

Freedom LogoScripture Passage: Colossians 2—3

This morning we continued to focus on our freedom in Christ as Pastor Ryan led us through Colossians 2-3. In these chapters, Paul gives us direction on what to do once we experience freedom.  The sermon centered on two pieces of instruction we find in Colossians 2-3:

Watch out for New Bondage: Paul points out two specific sins that can take us captive, intellectual arrogance and extra-Biblical rules and ceremony.  We need to make sure that we are not seeking knowledge as an end goal and that we are not adding to Scripture.

Enjoy your Life in Christ: When we let the Word of God “dwell in us richly”, it is a restful and connected decision.

These past few weeks our church family has been looking at what it means to be free.  As we continue on, let’s remember what truly sets us free—not information or intellect, not rules or ceremony, but Christ alone.  Let’s allow Christ to dwell in us richly this week!

Here are some questions to guide your discussion today:

Why do you think Paul pointed out those two specific sins, as opposed to others?

What are some ways we can let the Word of God “dwell in us richly?”

Name one way that you will enjoy your life in Christ this week.

Close in prayer by praising the Lord for the freedom we have been given in Him and ask Him to us eyes to see areas of new bondage in our lives and to help us enjoy our life in Christ.

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