The Confidence of the Gospel

romans-mission-to-life Scripture Passage: Romans 1:8-17

Last week Pastor Ryan talked about the four tables for 2017 and how to implement those into our lives. Today we focused on the Mission Table and looked at Paul’s example of how he lived this table out in his life.

Why was Paul so passionate about the Gospel?

A. Paul’s Commitment | Paul was passionate about the Gospel because he understood that God had set him free and that his debt had been paid. He now had an obligation to spread the Gospel to the Greeks and Barbarians.

B. Paul’s Conviction | Paul was passionate about the Gospel because he knew that the Gospel was true and this gave him confidence in the power of the Gospel.

C. Paul’s Conversion | Paul was passionate about the Gospel because he understood that through his conversion he was saved by faith.

Three reasons we do not share the good news about Jesus:

1. We lack the motivation to begin the conversation. We never step out of our comfort zone to allow the Holy Spirit to work.

2. We lack the confidence in the message of Jesus. We are not fully positive that we can fully defend the Gospel to others if questioned.

3. We forget the incredible work of salvation in our own lives. Remember Paul’s life on the road to Damascus; we sometimes forget that God has done an equally amazing transformation in our lives.

We should always look for and embrace opportunities to share the Gospel with people around us, which usually means stepping out of our comfort zones.

Discussion Questions:

• Who is someone in your life that you need to tell your story to?
• Where do you need to step out of your comfort zone to tell others about Christ?
• Which of the three reasons for not “going” do you most relate to?

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