The Sovereignty of God

Scripture Passage: Romans 8:26-30

Sovereignty of God—the biblical teaching that God possesses all power and is the ruler of all things

There are 3 tensions found in this passage and that surround the sovereignty of God in general: prayer, suffering and salvation.

Three Secrets to Embracing the Mystery of God’s Sovereignty

1. Simplicity is not an attribute of God.

The Spirit helps us in our weakness. We are not embracing ignorance nor do we have blind faith. We put our faith in God because that which we do know points to Him.

2. Tension is not treason.

Embracing the tension of our dueling realities is part of our Christianity.

3. Our invitation is to love God, not to solve God.

It is a love relationship that God had with us first and invites us into with Him.

Discussion Questions

Have you oversimplified God?

Pastor Ryan showed us a pillar with either embracing majesty at the top (leading to dependence, trust and grace) or reducing majesty at the top (leading to pride, despair and works). Which side of the pillar do you lean towards?

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