He is Risen!

Scripture Passages: Mark 11,14,16

According to the Gospel of Mark, there were four different responses to Jesus by the people in Jerusalem. What is crazy is that we still make some of the same responses to Jesus today. Read and reflect on the responses below.

1. Great tradition, see you next year. | Mark 14:1
Tradition is only as good as the passion behind it. The people missed that they were celebrating the Passover, for the coming Lamb of God that is Jesus.

2. I have already made up my mind. | Mark 14:61-63
I’ll listen to the story of Jesus, but I am not willing to receive any information because I have formed my opinion. Many Pharisees and other religious leaders would not receive from Jesus because they had already formed their opinion.

3. What’s in it for me? | Mark 11:8-10
The people thought that Jesus was going to be a conquering ruler, not a suffering servant. Since He wasn’t what they expected they weren’t satisfied.

4. Resurrection Response | Mark 16:1-7
Because of the resurrection, I believe that God has the power to save me and transform me.

Think and talk about it!

• Which one of these responses do you identify with the most? Why?

• What does the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ mean to you?

• How has the resurrection of Jesus Christ changed your life?

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