The Blessing

The Blessing: A Choice, An Urgent Choice, A Powerful Choice

Passage: Deuteronomy 30:19-20

This week Brad Flurry continued our series on Restoring the Home by talking about blessings within our home.  A blessing is defined as choosing to give honor by intentionally ascribing God’s promises to another through the giving of unconditional love and acceptance. In looking at Deuteronomy 30:19-20, we see that we have two choices that we can make: to bless or to curse.  From that choice, there are two destinations: the road of blessing leads to life, but the cursed road leads to death.

Two truths about the choice of blessing:

1st Truth: The Blessing is an Urgent Choice

o   Joshua 24:15 reminds us that we have today to choose who we will serve. We need to choose to trust and follow God today, in this moment, and not wait for the future.

2nd Truth: The Blessing is a Powerful Choice

o   The impact of the blessing is far reaching and we can see this in Genesis 27:34, as Esau cries out for his father’s blessing.

Two Practical ways to bless the people in your lives:

#1: Bless who they are, not what they do.

o   We are blessing them for who they are, a child of God created with infinite value, dignity and worth, not for what they accomplish.

#2: Bless them by your presence and participation in their life.

o   We are blessing them by showing them that they are valued.


o   What is one way that you can bless your family this week?

o   Who is someone in your life that has blessed you? How?

o   Who is someone outside of your family that you feel called to bless?  How will you do that?

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