Satan’s Tired Tactics

Scripture Passage: Daniel 5

Throughout this chapter in Daniel, we see how Satan works and the lies that he tries to tell us. The enemy often tempts us with seemingly enticing gifts of position, possessions, and passions but, in reality, these temptations are only disguised as gold and carry no eternal significance. Yet, because we have been given Satan’s playbook, this also means we know how to overcome his schemes.

1. Scripture always uncovers the lies.

Scripture is God-breathed and is useful in every situation, especially when it comes to combating the enemy. The Bible illustrates how Jesus’s followers sought His Word in times of trial. The enemy has no hope in prevailing against the Word of God.

2. The way to overcome Satan is to be fulfilled.

We as believers are invited to experience true fulfillment in Christ Jesus. Once we have experienced this, we are filled with the power to overcome any and all of the temptations Satan could ever throw at us. Trying to fill ourselves with anything less than Jesus will always leave us wanting more. With God, however, we have all that we will ever need.

Talk About It

The enemy tempts us through position, possessions, and passions.

• What are some ways that Satan tempts you in these areas?

• What are some passages of scripture that would be useful to hide in your heart in order to overcome these temptations?

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