Reading Scripture Prayerfully

Scripture Passage: Daniel 9

The power of sitting and meditating on scripture is something that is often overlooked in the busy world that we live in. Sometimes what scares people away is that they don’t know where to start or how to approach passages at all. Daniel 9 gives an amazing example of how to read scripture prayerfully and allow it to consistently change our lives on a daily basis.

1. Daniel’s Reading Led to Longing
The Bible is full of God’s promises to us, but in order to know them we have to read them! While reading the book of Jeremiah, Daniel read the passage in which God prophesied the end of the exile, the time of judgment they were currently experiencing. After Daniel read this he longed for God’s Promises to come true.

2. Daniel’s Longing Led to Seeking
Daniel didn’t stop there. He wasn’t just eager to see the word of God fulfilled. His longing led him to seek the Lord. He didn’t read Scripture as an end unto itself. He read Scripture to know about the God who was revealed in it — who was speaking through it. Daniel sought the Lord eagerly, but he also sought God humbly. He came to God acknowledging his own failures and the failures of his people.

3. Daniel’s Seeking Led to Finding
Daniel read, Daniel longed, Daniel sought — and God showed up. It seems weird to say. But honestly, for some reason, we don’t always expect God to show up. We pray prayers that give God an out. We live our lives not factoring in the presence and activity of God. Daniel prayed and God showed up. Hebrews 1 declares that God spoke “in many portions and in many ways” — which means, God shows up in unexpected ways.

Talk About It

• What commitment will you make to read God’s Word daily?

• What role does God’s Word play in helping you develop a greater intimacy with Him?

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