Enoch | A Legacy of Faith

Scripture Passage: Hebrews 11:5-6

The Law of Legacy: What I do today that will influence the beliefs and actions of future generations, for good or evil.

We all leave a legacy. The question is what things will you do now to pass a Godly legacy onto the next generation.

Three Principles of Legacy

1. My legacy and my view of God are deeply connected.
My realization that I’ll leave a legacy should cause me to look closely at my belief system.

2. My walk with God is my greatest legacy.
Everyday life is when your walk with God is modeled for others.

3. My legacy will outlive me.
We are the product of the legacy of others, and we have the power to bless our children and future generations with the grace of God through the power of our blessings.

Discussion Questions

• What heritage have you received? Are there some aspects of it that you would like to set aside and replace? (The grace of God gives you the freedom to do that!)

• What heritage are you leaving? How are your faith and values shaping the heritage you are passing along? Every household is stating something about God

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