Abraham | Lessons About Faith

Scripture Passage: Hebrews 11:8-10

God taught Abraham three important lessons about faith. These are lessons we should embrace as well.

1. Faith is founded in facts. | Abraham teaches us that the object of our faith is important. He had faith in God and in His capacity to fulfill His promises.

What promise of God is meaningful to you today?

2. Faith is revealed by response. | God’s command to Abraham was intentionally open-ended. God does not have to give us all the facts for us to trust Him. He calls us to obey inspIte of the circumstances. Many live restless lives because they don’t act on what God has told them.

What keeps you from responding to God’s promises by faith?

3. Faith is strengthened by vision. | Abraham went out, anticipating what was to come — where God would lead him. Abraham teaches us that faith is an opportunity to experience the extraordinary.

What do your responses to God’s promises tell a watching world about your faith in God?

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