Wonderful Christmas Surprises

Scripture Passage: Luke 2:15-20

1. A Surprising Audience

Shepherds in Jesus’ day were regarded as social outcasts and were among the most scorned individuals. Their work made them ceremonially unclean and kept them from participating in the religious life of the community. And yet, God chose ordinary shepherds, not priests or kings, to be the first to hear the news of His Son’s birth — and the first to welcome Jesus.

What is the significance of the birth announcement being made to ordinary people?

2. A Surprising Glory

The shepherds’ night watch was dramatically interrupted by the sudden appearance of an angel of the Lord. When the angel appeared to the shepherds “the glory of the Lord” shone around them, supernaturally lighting up the night.

In what ways have you seen the glory of God invade and illuminate the ordinary?

3. A Surprising Invitation

The shepherds were invited to look for Jesus in the most unlikely place — a stable. This is a beautiful metaphor of God’s love reaching into the ordinary and messy places in order to make a difference.

How can God use you to to take His love into messy situations?

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