What Happened in the Darkness

Scripture Passage: Matthew 27:45-50

When Jesus was crucified, the world was shrouded in darkness for three hours. There are 4 clues to examine to better appreciate the darkness.

  1. The Words | Jesus spoke in Aramaic on the cross and called God “Eli” instead of his usual “Abba”. Abba means father and Eli means My God. This change in wording shows us the isolation Jesus went through on the cross as He took on all our sin. Sin always brings isolation.
  2. The Wine | Wine signifies joy in the Bible, but sour wine is a cheap substitute. Jesus was given sour wine to drink on the cross during the darkness. Joy is long term. Sin brings momentary pleasure, but is a short cut to finding joy and doesn’t last.
  3. The Branch | The wine was given on a hyssop branch.  The branch reveals that sin separates but grace restores.
  4. The Cross | Jesus came as the light of the world. The darkness at the crucifixion was a symbol of God’s judgement of sin.

But the dark didn’t last. In John 1:4-5 we are told, “In him was life, and that life was the light of men. That light shines in the darkness, and yet the darkness did not overcome it.”

Discussion Questions:

• What would our lives be like without the light of Jesus?

• Are there any areas of darkness in your life? Pray for God to overcome the darkness.

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