Five Earthquakes in Scripture

Throughout scripture, God used earthquakes as a demonstration of His awesome power and to signal a major point in human history. He even tells us in Scripture that earthquakes will increase as we approach the return of Jesus. Of course, not all earthquakes are a message but God used major natural events to verify His power at critical moments in Scripture.

What message do we learn from earthquakes.

1. The Earthquake at the Introduction of the Law (read Exodus 19:17-18) indicates God’s power over mankind.

2. The Earthquake at the Crucifixion indicates God’s power over sin.

3. The Earthquake at the Resurrection indicates God’s power over death. This earthquake was an incredible celebration and affirmation of the obedience of Jesus. God was saying, “Amen” (read Matthew 28:2).

4. The Earthquake of the Retribution (read Rev. 6:12; 8:5; 11:13; 16:18) indicates God’s power over evil.

5. The Earthquake of the Restoration (read Zechariah 13:3-4) indicates God’s power over despair.

So where do you find yourself today. Is the footing under your life a little shaky? What earthquake are you facing? You can find sure footing and new beginnings in God.

As you reflect on earthquakes and whatever things are shaking up your own world, remember…

• God’s power is working in us. He has the power to change our lives (Romans 8:11).
• God’s power is working for us (Act 4:31).
• God’s power is working ahead of us and changes our future (Rev 21:1-4).

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