Jesus in the Old Testament

Scripture Passage: Exodus 25:10-22

The Arc of the Covenant in the Old Testament is a type of Christ. A type is a symbol which represents something else. Both the arc and the items it contained point to Jesus and remind us of our need for Him. Below are some questions and some answers that will help you come to deeper understanding of how the Arc of the covenant is a type of Christ and how the things inside of it are fulfilled in Christ.

What does the mercy seat remind us of? The blood on it atoned for the sins of the people. The blood of Christ is what atones for our sins. It shows that we are in need of mercy and someone to pay for our sins, in order for us to gain access to God. Our own merit cannot get us there.

What do the commandments remind us of? The commandments remind us that we cannot keep the law, but that only Christ can perfectly keep the law. So, in Christ is all measure of righteousness. So, now by placing our faith in Him, He takes our sinfulness in exchange for His righteousness. Now when God looks at us He doesn’t see us as a sinful broken mess, but instead sees the righteousness of Christ.

What does the pot of manna remind us of? Manna was the food that God provided the Israelites while they were wandering in the desert. The manna reminds us that Jesus is the only one who will satisfy us. He is the bread of life. So, Jesus is the only one who will bring about true fulfillment in our lives.

What does Aaron’s rod represent? Aaron was the high priest. He would enter into the presence of God and was the mediator. God has ordained Jesus Christ to be the Savior and the mediator between God and man. The cross of Jesus Christ and His resurrection separate Jesus from every other world religion. Because Jesus is alive and still our mediator.

Prayer Time:

• Spend time thanking Jesus for being the atonement for our sins.

• Thank Jesus for giving us His righteousness for our sins.

• Ask God to remind us daily for our need for him and that true fulfillment only come through Christ.

• Thank God for sending Jesus to restore relationship with Him and to be our mediator.

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