My Mission, My Home, My Legacy

We are in the middle of a focus on where God is taking Kingsland and how each of us can be a part.

Abraham is a great example of someone who trusted God with a vision. He received a greater vision. A vision is based on God’s promises, and there are two types:

• Strategic Vision is our inherent desire to imagine, create and plan for a better future.
• Spiritual Vision is the faith to see the invisible promises God has made available now.

Abraham responded in faith and took steps of faith.

Kingsland has identified 3 areas of vision for our church. We need to move in that direction.

My Mission – The unique place God has called us to lead and serve with our passions, talents and abilities

My Home – Our goal is to transform 10,000 homes with the Gospel. That starts in each of our own homes.
• Hold to the Habits
• Own the Table
• Mark the Milestones
• Engage Beyond

My Legacy – Our financial prayers. Abraham rested in God’s ability. Even though Abraham believed God, he still struggled with trusting God and trusting himself to respond appropriately.

Talk About It

• How does God want you involved in Kingsland? Each of us should get alone with God and ask Him.
• What steps of faith can we take to respond to the vision?
• What areas of your home life need some work?
• Who is God calling your family to reach out to?

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