Intercessory Prayer

Scripture Passage: Genesis 18:16-33 | Abraham’s intercessory prayer for the people of Sodom

Four Blessings That Can Come From Intercessory Prayer

1. Intercession Draws Us Closer to the Heart of God
God works in us when we pray for other people. The greatest reason to pray is to connect with the One with whom you’re praying.

2. Intercession Invites Us Into the Mission of God
When we pray missional prayers, it draws us in to a missional life. As you pray, you’ll begin to see with Kingdom eyes. You’ll realize a lot of the opportunities around you aren’t coincidences but divine appointments.

3. Intercession Appeals to the Character of God
God delights in our praying according to His nature.

4. Intercession Invites Extraordinary Answers from God.
If you are saved, it is because you are the answer to someone’s prayers. All the great work that Kingsland has been able to participate in is an answer to prayer!

Discussion Questions
• Do you see your neighbors as coincidences or divine appointments? How are you praying for them? And if you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer. Matthew 21:22
• Who is that one person, one family, one community, one nation, that if you took Matthew 21:22 seriously, you would pray for?
• Do you believe that people’s lives are changed for eternity because you prayed? Why or why not?

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