The Image of God and Home Life

Summer in Psalms DIGITAL RE-02

Psalm 128
Scripture Passage: Psalm 128:1-6

Psalm 128 gives us a clear picture of how God designed the home to be a place for His image to be revealed and to experience His blessing.

  1. The Blessing of God comes from the nature of God.

As we experience God’s presence in our lives through a personal walk with God it causes us to be in awe of God (vs.1). We are blessed with the joy of worshipping God as He reveals Himself to us.

  1. The Blessing of God is given intentionally.

As we walk with God and follow His ways we reflect His image to those around us, especially to those in our family (vs. 2-3). However, if we do not walk with God and follow His ways we are a poor reflection of God’s image to others and it deeply impacts those closest to us.

  1. The Blessing of God extends generationally.

As we experience God’s blessings through His presence in our lives, walking with God and worshipping God our lives reflect God’s image and become a blessing to the next generation (vs. 5-6).


We all have brokenness in our lives and are impacted by our experiences in our homes. God desires to heal our brokenness and transform our lives through the power of the Gospel. Ask the Lord to help you answer these questions in response to today’s message:

  1. What are some unhealthy ways that I view God that He wants to change and heal?
  2. What are some ways that God wants to use me to bless those closest to me, especially my family?
  3. Is the brokenness in my life impacting my life and family in such a way that I need help? If so, ask a trusted friend to pray for you. You can also contact our Family Freedom Resource Center at 281.675.7862 or email Susan Sowell (Director of Family Freedom Resource Center) at for additional prayer, help and resources.

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