His Power Our Power

Summer in Psalms DIGITAL RE-02

Scripture Passage: Psalm 33

This morning Pastor Ryan focused in on the power of God. Power was defined as the capacity to affect change. With that definition, we can conclude that God’s power makes any other power look weak. When we encounter the power of God, we should praise him for how great his power is and also that he is all powerful in all of his attributes.

Pastor Ryan then walked us through two essential ideas:

  1. God’s power is absolute power.
  2. Man’s power is a dependent power.
  • Man’s power is dependent upon first acknowledging need.
  • Realizing that man must be dependent upon a power that transcends you.
  • It means submitting to God’s will.


  • When you think of power, what do you think of?
  • What are some ways that you have seen God be all powerful?
  • Do you always recognize your need for God?
  • What are some areas where you struggle to submit to God?
  • How we gain power from dependence upon God?

Prayer Time:

  • Spend time praising God for his absolute power.
  • Thank God for allowing us to be dependent upon Him for strength and power.
  • Repent of ways where you may not be walking in God’s will or be submitting to Him.
  • Ask God to help you walk in dependent power and to rest in His absolute power.

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