The Power of Restoration

Scripture Passage: Psalm 80

Restoration means to take something back to its original condition, its original owner or its original purpose. Psalm 80 is a prayer for restoration as God is the only one with the power to restore our hearts, our homes and our nation.

Prayer: God, I need you to restore my heart. Help me to trust you and your power to restore my heart. I need you to restore my home, my relationships and our nation but I recognize that it begins in my heart. Help me to take these steps towards you and allow you to restore my heart.

1. Remember Your Identity
Our identity (who we are, our value, our purpose) is not defined by our successes or our failures. God gives us our identity and we are His children (1 John 3:1).

Prayer: God, help me believe that I am your child.

2. Return to the Creator
The responsibility of restoration belongs to God. We can’t fix ourselves or other people. However, we need to ask God to restore our hearts and trust Him as He restores us.

Prayer: God, help me to trust you to restore my heart.

3. Renew Your Service
God uses His children to accomplish His work on earth. You are created in God’s image and God has a purpose for your life. The enemy lies to us and tells us we are a failure and need to go back to our old ways.

Prayer: God, help me reject the enemy’s lies and believe what you say about me and your plan for my life. I’m drawing a “line in the sand” today and asking you to restore my heart and my home. I choose to believe you and serve you. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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