Power Over Wounds and Burdens

Summer in Psalms DIGITAL RE-02

Scripture Passage: Psalm 55

Those closest to us can create the deepest wounds, and if we try to heal our own wounds, they can become tremendous burdens in our lives.  

  1. How Wounds Become Burdens
  • Stronghold Cycle
  • It’s when you are wounded that the enemy of God will come and begin to speak lies into your heart and mind. The burden then gets created out of these lies.
  1. When Burdens Grow Bigger
  • Doubt God Cares—we begin to believe a lie about God based on our immediate circumstances and turn away from the one place we should run to
  • Have Self-Pity—when we jump from frustrated to a pity party, there may be deeper issues
  • Despair—evidence of deeper strongholds and the lies of the enemy are compounding
  • Escape—we try anything to escape the pain we feel
  1. How to Properly Care for Our Wounds
  • Go to the Lord First—trust God and take our wounds to Him
  • Completely Cast Your Burdens to Him
  • Leave Your Burden With Him—this is a daily process; it’s easy to pick back up that which is familiar

Discussion Questions

  1. What wounds do you have? What lies has Satan told you and you believed?
  2. How do you try to fix things yourself?
  3. Why is it hard to trust God with our hurts and burdens?

Our Family Freedom Ministry is here to help you navigate through any strongholds you may have. For contact information or to find more resources click here to visit the Family Freedom Resource Center.

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