The Power of God’s Word

Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible. It is a love poem about the Bible. Reading God’s Word will change your life.

Three compelling reasons to read the Bible.

1. Read the Bible because it’s a supernatural source.

While the Bible was written down by man, it is God’s revelation to us. Man couldn’t have written it without the inspiration of God. Forty different authors over hundreds of years in different locations could never have matched up without God’s influence. 2 Timothy 3:16 tells us that all scripture is “God breathed.”

2. Read the Bible because it is a trustworthy source.

The early church authenticated the books in 397 AD. The Bible speaks of science in ways that weren’t known at the time. Prophesies foretold were fulfilled. The whole Bible has unity and continuity.

3. Read the Bible because it is a transformational source.

The Bible is the story of someone who came to earth to rescue us. The Bible isn’t some practical tool box to fix your life — it tells us to “fix your eyes on Jesus” and then everything starts to look different.

• Read the entirety of Psalm 119 today.
• Are you reading the Bible regularly? Why or why not?
• How can you help each other stay in the Word?
• Write down your Bible reading plan.

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