Declare His Mighty Acts

Scripture Passage: Psalm 145

This month, Kingsland’s student missions teams served from Houston’s inner city to the ends of the earth. More than 400 students and sponsors traveled the world to declare God’s mighty acts among the nations. As God’s people, we should look for every opportunity to talk about His greatness.

1. We should speak passionately about God.

Speaking passionately about God is our most powerful apologetic. When David spoke about God he did so in the most personal and intimate ways. Because David knew God intimately, he was able to speak passionately.

Does the intimacy of our relationship with God work its way into our daily speech and conversations?

2. We should speak often about God.

Speaking often about God not only impacts our generation, it also helps the next generation to learn of His greatness. Like David, we must “declare His mighty acts” and speak of them often.

The early church spoke often about Jesus and how wonderful He is and how He could transform lives. How often do you speak of Jesus and how wonderful He is?

3. We should speak often about God because He is the only eternal topic.

So much of what we speak about is temporary. It’s easy to allow our speech to be characterized by fleeting topics. Speaking about God, however, is different. He will not pass away nor will His word pass away.

What steps can you take to intentionally make God and His greatness a part of your daily speech?

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