The Shepherd’s and God’s Glory

Scripture Passage: Luke 2:8-14

The good news of Jesus’ birth was first announced to Jewish shepherds. This is significant because shepherds in Jesus’ day were regarded as social outcasts and were among the most scorned individuals.

And yet, God chose ordinary shepherds, not priests or kings, to be the first to hear the news of His Son’s birth. Common shepherds would be the first to welcome Jesus — the Lamb of God.

The shepherds’ night watch was dramatically interrupted by the sudden appearance of an angel of the Lord. When the angel appeared to the shepherds “the glory of the Lord” shone around them, supernaturally lighting up the night. God’s glory is the side of God humans can see and to which they can respond in confession, worship, and praise (see Isa. 60:1-3).

1. God’s Glory Reveals an Unseen Reality | There is more going on in the world than we can see (read 2 Kings 6:15-17).

How would a glimpse of God’s glory change the way in which you look at your current trials, tribulations, or challenges?

2. God’s Glory Shines in Unexpected Places | The values of God’s kingdom are not the same as the values of the world. Jesus’ birth announcement was not made in the halls of power but rather in a shepherd’s field.

How and in what unexpected place can God use you to shine His glory?

3. God’s Glory Brings an Unshakeable Peace | God’s peace arrived in a humble manger, not through Rome’s military might. God’s peace is more than the cessation of fighting or the cessation of work. His peace is not dependent on circumstances.

In what ways do you need for God to settle your soul today?

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