Singing His Glory

Scripture Passage: Luke 1:46-53

The Magnificat or “Mary’s Song” is one of the most beautiful poetic passages in all of Scripture. After the angel Gabriel informed Mary that God had chosen her to give birth to Jesus, Mary expressed her praise in song.

Mary’s song reveals three elements of praise that remind us of reasons to praise this time of year. No matter what you’re going through, these are reasons to praise and bring glory to God!

1. Mary Sang of God’s Salvation

Mary willingly submitted to God’s plan for her life. She identified herself as a servant. Mary also knew she needed a savior and therefore rejoiced in God her Savior and passionately worshiped Him.

2. Mary Sang of God’s Nature

Mary referred to God as the Mighty One. She acknowledged that His name is holy. She sang of His mercy. Like Mary, we should acknowledge God’s great attributes when we praise Him. We too should sing of His holiness and His might.

3. Mary Sang of God’s Faithfulness

Nothing that Mary sang about was dependent on her personal circumstances. She was actually a poor young girl who faced the challenge of explaining to others why she was pregnant. And yet, she sang of God’s faithfulness throughout history and to her personally.

Sing Your Own Song

We learn from The Magnificat that you can put almost any worship song into three categories:

• Gratitude for salvation

• Acknowledging God’s nature
Trusting in His faithfulness

What song(s) will you sing to God today?

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