Radical Obedience

Scripture Passage: Mark 1:16-20

Mark 1:16-20 tells the story of the calling of four of the disciples. This story can help us understand what radical obedience really is.

Confident Obedience
According to John 1:35-42, Andrew and Peter spent time with Jesus before the day He called them to be fishers of men. Luke 4:38 tells us that Jesus stayed in their home. We don’t follow Jesus blindly; we know Him first.

Progressive Obedience
Peter obeyed Jesus by leaving his nets behind to follow Jesus. If we follow Jesus in the small things, the larger things come more naturally.

Costly Obedience
Mark 1:18 tells us they these disciples their nets and their families to follow Jesus. Real obedience has a cost.

Devoted Obedience
God doesn’t call us to a new set of rules and regulations. He calls us to Him; to be in a relationship with Him. When that relationship changes our hearts, we naturally make changes in our behavior. The love relationship must come before lasting change.

God doesn’t leave us on our own. He is our guide and will stay with us no matter what or where He calls us. At Kingsland, we’ve been challenged to invite others to a relationship with Jesus. Who are you inviting this month?

Discussion Points:

• What area of your life is the most difficult to be obedient in? Why?

• What are some small things you can be obedient in right now?

• What is the hardest thing you ever felt God ask you to do?

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