Living Beyond the Law

Scripture Passage: Mark 2:23-28

The trap of legalism is a trap of worshiping the law as well as worshiping ourselves and how well we adhere to the law rather than worshiping the One who gave us the law because He loves us.

There are three lessons from this Scripture passage regarding the codes we live by that help us embrace freedom and forsake the bondage of legalism.

1. The Freedom of Boundaries (v. 27)
Boundaries are a blessing, and the lack of boundaries does not lead to freedom but to bondage.

2. The Futility of Legalism (v. 24)
People have turned helpful tools into rigid religious rules. These helpful tools might be perfect for you, but beware of turning them into rules for everyone.

3. The Finality of Jesus (v. 28)
God is calling us to a life of abiding in the Lord, not a life of abiding by the law.
When you recognize how far you have to go, you will be more gracious about the brokenness of others.

Discussion Questions
• Are you living a life of guilt and judgement because of self-imposed rules? How?
• What healthy boundaries give you more freedom?
• What boundaries have you put on yourself that hinder your relationship with God?
• Are you focusing on your own boundaries and ignoring God’s?

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