Secrets for Restful Living

Scripture Passage: Matthew 11:28-30

The model Jesus gave us for victory was to rest and pray. True rest is not the absence of all work but rather spending time in the presence of God.

God’s Three Secrets for Restful Living

1. The first command, “Come,” reminds us that prayer leads to rest.
Spending time with God in worship, prayer and in His Word have a tremendous calming effect. It reminds us of what He has done for us. It resets our identity—we see who God is, and we see who we really are.

2. The second command, “Take,” reminds us that structure leads to rest.
Everyone is yoked to something, but the yoke Jesus prescribes is simple habits that we were created to do.

Our habits at Kingsland all help facilitate rest. Discipline yourself to build restful habits into your life.
• Rest
• Bless
• Gather
• Go

3. The third command, “Learn,” reminds us that imitation leads to rest.
Instead of desiring to know what Jesus knows, we should want to know Jesus so we can be just like Him, imitating Him in every possible way. Jesus goes away to rest and pray, and then He works.

Discussion Questions
• Do you have built in times of margin in your day, week and life to rest? If not, what are some good things you can say no to so that you have room for the best things?

• What is weighing you down? The challenge is to unload by talking to Jesus about it. Do that right now. Let Him bear your burden.

• Are you modeling rest, grace and prayer? Why or why not?

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