Rest and Remain in Jesus

Scripture Passage: John 15

The habit of rest has to do with the domain of our hearts. The rest and fruitfulness we experience in life is directly related to the depth of relationship we have with Jesus. Every one of us can have a more fruitful 2020 by resting in two statements Jesus made in John 15. Let’s review!

1. You are already clean!
Remember that if you have believed in Jesus you are already clean! Jesus taught His disciples about the Truth of who He is, what freedom from sin looks like and how eternal salvation is won. Not only does Jesus’ declaration of His disciples being clean speak to all of that, but it also speaks to our identity, worth and value!

No one gets to tell you you’re not spiritually clean, if Jesus has already declared you clean. No one gets to tell you, you have no worth or value if Jesus has already said you have worth and value!

2. You must remain in Jesus!
Jesus said to “remain” seven times in the first eight verses of John 15. Jesus reminded His disciples to remain in Him! The Gospel isn’t just a means to eternal life, it’s the means to all life and that life starts the moment you surrender your life to Jesus.

Jesus also wants us to bear fruit that glorifies the Father (verse 8). Of course, this is easier said than done. Practicing simplicity, stillness and sacrifice are helpful keys to remaining in Jesus!

Questions to consider: 

• Why do you believe Jesus wants us to stay connected to Him so much? 

• What does it mean that we “can do nothing” apart from Jesus? 

• How can your family rest more in Jesus for 2020? 

• How can your family remain in Jesus and bear more fruit in 2020?

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