Scripture Passage: Matthew 5:1-5

You will be happy when you realize the two secrets of happiness.

1. Happiness is a by-product of surrender.  

People pursue happiness through acquisitions, enlightenment, and acceptance. Instead, happiness comes from giving up that individual pursuit and depending on God.

2. Happiness is a by-product of holiness.  

Holiness means to be set apart. You are supposed to be different. There are two critical steps we must take in response to this invitation to happiness through holiness.

A. Embrace the call to holy living. Stop buying the enemy’s lies about the glory, excitement or relief of ignoring God’s law and set your mind on the good things of God.

B. Understand your standing in Jesus. Until you realize you are spiritually bankrupt, you will not be happy. But when you realize you are, you have access to the Kingdom.

Stop chasing happiness. Pursue brokenness. Pursue Jesus.

Discussion Questions 

• What are you pursuing to make you happy? 

• Why is it hard to pursue brokenness?  

• What can you do today to pursue Jesus instead of happiness?

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