Happiness is Sorrowful

Scripture Passage: Matthew 5:1-4

Grief is a surprising path God can create to happiness. There are times when God invites us to grieve; we can experience the power of mourning by recognizing the implications of grief found in Matthew 5:4.

1. Grief is a choice. | We often try to avoid grief, but grief is God’s tool for getting us through transitions in life. Grief takes time and we don’t get over grief, we get through grief. Grief is a season, not a day.

2. Grief is the path to comfort. | If we want comfort, we must mourn. If we don’t learn to grieve, we’ll end up managing the pain in unhealthy ways.

3. Grief is designed for community. | We are to carry one another’s burdens. Throughout the Bible are examples of people grieving in community. And not only do people grieve with us, God grieves with us.


• In what ways have you been comforted in community during a time of mourning?

• What are some ways that you can see mourning leads to happiness?

• What is a loss you haven’t grieved over?

• How can you have the courage to lament over that loss this week?

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