Happiness is Humble

Scripture Passage: Matthew 5:5

Many people associate happiness and success with strength, confidence, self-assurance, survival of the fittest, conquest, and power. In contrast, happiness and success, as defined by Christ, is found in humility.

One writer precisely described humility as “… an internal characteristic is a disposition of heart, which through the keen perception of its own misery and the abounding mercy of God, has become so pliant, gentle, mild, flexible, and tractable, that no trace of its original ruggedness, of its wild and untamed nature even remains.”

When Jesus said, “blessed are the humble” He was referencing Psalm 37:11, explaining the practicality in the pursuit for humility. There are at least four key components to it:

1. Trust the Lord. God knows what He is doing. If something is outside our grasp, we shouldn’t allow ourselves to sin just to try to get hold of it. And if something is slipping away, we shouldn’t sin to hold on.

2. Take Delight in the Lord. This requires us to shift our focus away from the good things God created for us to enjoy but which were never designed to bring true fulfillment and shift it towards God. He is the only source of true fulfillment.

3. Commit Your Ways to the Lord. The essence of humility means to “trust God to set the path and determine the destination.” It is submitting your dreams and desire to God and trusting Him to direct your life in the best possible direction.

4. Rest in the Lord. Stop striving, stop thinking that you can do it on your own. Do what you can, with what you have, where you are, then sit back and let God be God.


• How do you feel when things are getting out of your control? Do you really trust the Lord?

• Are you willing to shift your focus to God? What are some ways that you can delight in the Lord?

• Do you dare to submit your dreams and desires to Him?

• How does your soul respond to “rest”? Are you resting in Him?

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