The Marks of an Unstoppable Church 

Scripture Passage: Acts 4:23-31 (kids, don’t forget to post your drawings at #10000Homes)

What makes us a church? Not our activity but rather our connection to Jesus. Here are three marks of an unstoppable church.

1. Awareness of the Power of God
God is sovereign over all. The disciples prayed over any and everything. They prayed to say, “You brought us through every other time. You’ll bring us through this time! You can do anything, Lord.”

• When and what do you pray about? Bring everything to God!

• Do you think of Satan as unstoppable and evil as inevitable? Remember that God has no equal! He is not in panic mode right now!

2. Anticipation of the Work of God
God rarely works the same way twice, but He works!

• What kinds of prayers do you ask of God: specific, submissive, audacious? 

• Are you open to the different ways God will answer your prayers? Why or why not?

• Who can you share your prayer requests with?

3. Authenticity Among the People of God
Our current physical separation does not mean we have to be spiritually separated. We need to pray together and connect in biblical community now more than ever!

Please pause for a few minutes and allow the Lord to speak to you.

• Acknowledge, first, the power of God. 

• Ask the Lord to move among us – anticipating the work of God. 

• Pray for one another – ask the Lord to open up a renewed sense of deep fellowship among the people of God. 

Remember: A praying church is an unstoppable church!

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