Dealing with a Money Crisis

Scripture Passage: 2 Kings 4:1-7

The Bible tells the story of a woman who was dealing with both the grief of loss and the fear of the future because of her financial situation. We all are familiar with the same anxieties she experienced. Here are four questions to ask ourselves in a money crisis.

1. What do I need?
In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus taught us to pray for our daily needs. We should take stock of the things we actually need and also who we need. Look at what we need, what God has already provided, and remember how He has provided for us in the past.

2. What do I have?
God often begins to provide for us using what we already have. We can look at what we have and ask for insight about how to recover in ways we hadn’t thought of yet.

3. What can I do?
We can both trust God and also take action. During down times we can take action by changing our consumption and acting on opportunities that are given to us. We can also demonstrate faith by giving.

4. Who do I trust?
The essence of trusting God is a heart issue. We need to be honest about our heart.

• What are some things you thought you needed that you’ve had to do without over the past few weeks?

• In what ways has God already provided for you?

• What are some ways you’ve had to put your faith in God in financial situations in the past? How have you seen Him provide?

• What are new ways you are having to trust God in this challenging season?

• Thank God for His provision, even when it feels different than it has before.

• Praise God for being trustworthy.

• Ask God to provide for you in new ways and to help you have faith in Him.

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