The Traits of a Christian Neighbor 

Scripture Passage: 1 Peter 3:14-16

Peter explains in these verses what should make us different neighbors from those who might not know the love of Christ. He challenged his readers with two marks of a Christian neighbor:

1. Extraordinary Hope
As believers, we must be ready to give an answer for the hope in us. Hope in the Scriptural sense is an anticipation of something better because of what has been promised. Christians should be known in their neighborhood for having and demonstrating extraordinary hope.

2. Undeniable Grace
We’re not saved by our good works, but when we’re saved, it does change our behavior. Our neighbors should see some fruit in our lives. When you’re a good neighbor, even others who disagree with you and your beliefs will come to your defense when you demonstrate the love of Christ to others around you.


• When your neighbors look at you, do they see extraordinary hope? Do they see undeniable grace? How can you demonstrate these two characteristics this week? 

• Do you have an expectation for the future because of Jesus Christ? 

• What steps have you taken to “Love where you live?” What are some steps of obedience you might take this week as you love your neighbors well? 


Pray for your neighbors to have hope during this season.

Pray for God to use you to show your neighbors what hope and grace looks like in your life.

Use the prayer guide for our neighbors provided at our Empowered Homes site to pray for your neighbors this week.

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