Secrets of the Second Mile

Scripture Passage: Matthew 5:38-41
Roman Soldiers had a custom that they could force regular citizens to carry their load for one mile. Jesus challenged His followers to voluntarily go the second mile. There are two reasons the second mile is such an important journey.

1. A Journey from Obligation to Opportunity

The second mile has a different attitude. When you are doing something of your own accord and not by requirement, you are taking control of the situation. The second mile is our opportunity to rise above. The first mile is the slave mile. The second mile is the smile mile. If you go the first mile and that’s all, then you’re going to hate it every step of the way.

2. A Journey from Annoyance to Appointment

When we walk the second mile, it allows us an opportunity to get to know someone and share Jesus with them. People will notice your second mile attitude and be receptive to you.

Jesus went beyond the second mile by giving His life as a ransom for us.

Think About It | Talk About It

• Are you living your life as a “Second Mile Christian”?

• What is a situation in your life where you could go the second mile? What is stopping you?

• Can you  think of someone that has gone that second mile for you? How did that change you?

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