A Faith Encounter

Scripture Passage: Matthew 15:21-28

Every believer can grow in compassion for others (especially those not of our faith) by observing two ways Jesus expands the disciples understanding in His encounter with the Canaanite woman.

Jesus expanded the disciples’ compassion by crossing borders and dealing with their hearts.
We need to be willing to cross our borders and step into unknown territory for the sake of the Gospel. We are to see all people as they are: with worth and value in the eyes of a merciful God. We need to engage others with compassion!

Jesus expanded the disciples’ faith.
Jesus was sent to all — and all are welcome at His table by faith. We need to hear each other’s stories about the day we realized we needed to humbly come before the Savior and ask for help, for forgiveness, for mercy. May we never think Jesus has crumbs for us, but a feast at His table!

Discussion Questions

• Do you see people as an inconvenience or a nuisance? Why or why not? How can you change your perspective to be more like Jesus’?  

• You need to tell your faith story! Parents, tell your kids how Jesus saved you by faith and how you were a mess like the Canaanite woman who came to Jesus. Tell your brothers and sisters in the church to emphasize the power of faith. Tell your neighbors and co-workers and classmates if they will allow you.  

• Ask someone to share their story with you. Ask your brothers and sisters in Christ who are different from you, to tell you theirs.  

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