The Essentials of Powerful Prayer 

Scripture Passage: Matthew 8:5-10

God is calling His people to an important role: helping people pray through real concerns about the future, about the challenges we have ahead. The story of the Centurion illustrates how to ask things of God by faith. When you realize how God’s power works in our prayer lives, it transforms the way we pray.

There are three basic factors of a powerful prayer.

The first factor is: The source of my faith (Matt.8:5-8)
Faith is believing God will do what He says He will do. The Centurion’s great faith came from his understanding of who he was counting on. He received a miracle because he came to Jesus. Christ must be the source and person in whom we rest our faith. Jesus has come to redeem our spiritual authority to walk by faith and claim God’s promises.

The second factor is: The submission of my will (Matt.8:8-9)
If you are in Christ, He has given you all the power you need to overcome the enemy’s attempts to destroy you. You can ask according to the power he has given you. Any authority you have in Christ through prayer comes from being under the authority of Jesus. When you submit your will to the Father in prayer, He chooses to answer. Unless you submit to the authority of Christ in your life, you are not going to be able to live by faith.

And finally, The Size of my God (Matt.8:9-10)
It was clear that the Centurion knew about the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He knew that Messiah was coming. And He knew that Messiah had power. The Centurion demonstrates great faith by recognizing the way in which Jesus’ authority could extend to him. The more you know of God, the more you’ll ask of Him. The more you know of God, the more you’ll know what to ask!

When Jesus came, he redeemed us and restored the authority God had given us under Him. You have been given a greater power to bring God’s power into any situation in which you dwell. You can anticipate God working in all areas in your life. You have the freedom to pray to God for your heart, your home, your Church, and beyond. You have the power of prayer available because God is faithful and He is at work.

Think About It | Talk About It

• Why does knowing the source of our faith matter? 

• Why is so important to be obedient to Jesus authority? 

• Where can you anticipate God’s working through prayer? 

• Why does it matter to know God’s power is available in your prayer life?