The Virgin Birth of the Genealogy

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Scripture Passage: Luke 1

The virgin birth is Mary’s conception of Jesus by Holy Spirit apart from a man.

QUESTION:What are some implications if we deny the virgin birth? Example: Bible is not trustworthy.

The virgin birth means: Jesus was able to live a sinless life; His living a sinless life means that Jesus was a sinless sacrifice; Jesus giving His life as a sinless sacrifice means there was an atonement for our sin.

  1. The virgin birth reminds us why we have access to God.
    1. What do the following verses have to say? 1 Corinthians 15:22, Romans 5:12, John 3:16
    2. His Father is God; His mother is human. He is God inhuman flesh; He is God-man. He is the One who is qualified to die on the cross for our salvation.
  2. The virgin birth reminds us that “nothing is impossible with God.” Luke 1:37
    1. You don’t have to understand to validate the truth.
    2. QUESTION: What are some things that we accept although we don’t understand the how? (Example: electricity)
    3. Ultimately, we have to believe – faith.

Read and discuss 1 Timothy 3:16.


  • What are some challenges you have faced that seemed impossible? Ask your parents or grandparents.
  • Is there a challenge that you are facing that seems impossible? He is able. Will you trust Him?

PRAY: As a family pray about your challenges.

Jesus the Christ

Scripture Passage:  And Jacob fathered Joseph the husband of Mary, who gave birth to Jesus who is called the Christ (Matthew 1:16).

We lift up the name of Jesus in worship because there is no other name worthy of praise and honor. This Christmas, remember these things about the name of Jesus.

1. The Name of Jesus is a Simple Name 

God, the Father named Jesus. God gave Him a name that was common to man because Jesus came to common man. He came to save the world and give His life for us.

2. The Name of Jesus is a Special Name

For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ (John 1:17).

Jesus is “Messiah” and the “Anointed One.” Jesus is the One the Old Testament promised would one day bring salvation and a new covenant. Jesus came for us and gives all who trust in Him the gift of salvation, eternal life and a new life in Him.

3. The Name of Jesus is a Saving Name

There is no other name that brings salvation, healing and deliverance to people other than the Name of Jesus! There is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to people by which we must be saved (Acts 4:12).

Think About It & Talk About It

If you have never trusted in Jesus Christ for salvation then tell Jesus that you want Him to save you and receive His gift of salvation. He loves you and came to save us. He came to save you!

For believers, we can call on the name of Jesus to rescue us, heal us and set us free.  Are you walking through something difficult and painful? Call on the Name of Jesus and ask Jesus to help you, rescue you, heal you and receive His power at work in and through you. 

Is there someone you love who needs Jesus to rescue them?  Pray for them and ask Jesus to rescue them in the Name of Jesus.

The Women in Jesus’ Genealogy

Scripture Passage: Matthew 1:1-17

Five women are mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus. Their inclusion is remarkable because they lived in a time when genealogies rarely contained even a single female name. So why are these women included?

What does the mention of these women signify? These five women have five amazing stories that can teach each of us about the true meaning of Christmas.

Tamar | A Story of Hope

Tamar is the first woman mentioned in Matthew’s genealogy. Her story is a story of desperation, grief, and depravity and yet reminds us that in place of desperate acts and broken hopes, the coming Messiah would bring real hope into a needy world.

With whom can you share the story of hope this Christmas?

Rahab | A Story of Faith

Throughout Scripture, Rahab is referred to as a prostitute or harlot — perhaps because it demonstrates the fact that God can redeem anyone and anything for his purpose. However, Rahab’s faith earned her a place in the lineage of Jesus. Her faith was more powerful than her failure.

What failures can you entrust to God this Christmas?

Ruth | A Story of Lovingkindness

Ruth was a young Moabite women who had married into a Jewish family. She chose to care for her widowed mother-in-law rather than return to her own people. Ruth eventually married a man named Boaz. Their son became the grandfather of King David.

To whom can you demonstrate kindness and compassion this Christmas?

Bathsheba | A Story of Grace

Bathsheba entered into the story in the most heartbreaking way. After committing adultery with Bathsheba, King David orchestrated the death of her husband. She eventually became one of King David’s wives and the mother of Solomon, the wise king.

How can grace heal a broken heart? To whom can you demonstrate grace this Christmas?

Mary | A Story of Fulfillment

Mary was an ordinary girl on the threshold of marriage. But God planned from the very beginning for her life to be anything but ordinary. He planned to use Mary to fulfill his plan of salvation for a broken world. Her story is one of fulfillment as she gave birth to Jesus.

What might God be able to do through your life if you gave Him complete control?

Lessons from the Genealogy

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Scripture Passage: Matthew 1:1-16

The genealogy of Jesus as shown in Matthew 1 is a passage that many of us skim past, but there are several powerful reminders we see in this passage that have real implications on how we live our lives.

Jesus is a real person in real history.
The story of Jesus is not to be compared with Greek mythology, folklore, or local legends. The Biblical accounts are of real places and real people–able to be verified and confirmed like any other accurate historical account. What does this mean for us? The story of Jesus is not just a cute bedtime story. What we read in the Bible is the real-life love story of a God who is pursuing his creation to bring them back into a restored loving relationship.

God’s timing is perfect.
In the genealogy we see that God chose a specific place in the order of these generations to have Jesus enter the world. Galatians 4:4 says, “When the time came to completion, God sent his Son…” There were many generations longing for a savior. Have you ever asked God, “Where are you?” In the same way that Jesus came in his perfect timing, God works in our lives according to His perfect timing.

Jesus came for freedom.
There are amazing layers of meaning in the genealogy shared in Matthew 1. One of which is the significance of the number of generations documented in the passage. The symmetry and symbolism point to Jesus being the fulfillment of the Jewish tradition known as the year of Jubilee–a special time when slaves are set free and debts are forgiven. Galatians 5:1 says, “For freedom, Christ set us free.” Jesus did not come to condemn us or institute new laws to follow–rather, He came to provide a way for us to find freedom in a relationship with Him.

Think About It & Talk About It:

  • How does it impact your life knowing that Jesus was a real person living in a real place in history?
  • How has God shown up according to his perfect timing your life?
  • What is something you are waiting on God for right now?
  • What does it mean for you to know that Jesus came specifically to provide freedom and not judgement on you?